• Adelle Calahan

Middle of the funnel, why it's so important.

The middle of the sales funnel can be a dangerous place. You have your leads initially engaged, you're traffic and click-through-rates are strong, but conversion rates are low. Often times companies put so much effort into filling the top of the funnel, they forget that just as much work is needed to nurture those leads through middle of the funnel in order to situate them in a buying position.

More often than not we'll find that leads that don't convert connect with sales prematurely. This is why a mindful lead nurture process is so important for the health of the sales funnel. There has to be a sense of trust and loyalty resonating with your audience in order for them to take the next step in considering your offering. Trying to drive new audiences to convert quickly can result in a high bounce rate, leaving a bad taste in your prospective customers' mouths, or worse, competitors stealing your leads.

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